Wacky and Wonderful Thanksgiving Traditions

There are just certain things that make Thanksgiving…well…Thanksgiving. Even if you’re enjoying the beach life at Sea Shells Beach Club this holiday, you can still get in the spirit just reading this fun list of Turkey Day traditions and expectations.

Millions of people have wonderful (and sometimes weird) traditions that let them know, yep, it’s Thanksgiving. How many of these apply to your family?

Delicious Turkey Smell at a Ridiculously Early Hour
I always felt bad when Mom (or Dad) got up at the crack of dawn to put the turkey in the oven while I slept, but by about 8 a.m., the house smelled wonderful. The waiting was torture.

Watching the Parades
In my house it was the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but there are lots of good ones locally and nationally that kick off Thanksgiving Day.

Wearing Stretch Pants
We call them our “big eating pants”. Tie-waist scrubs work well, too.

That Football Noise
That’s all it ever was to me, but it was always tradition for the sports-minded among us to retire into the family room after eating to watch the game. My mental Thanksgiving soundtrack always includes the sounds of the game on TV.

The Leftovers
“I’m not eating again, ever.” We all know it’s a lie. Once the initial bloat dies down, we start poking around for leftovers. Get creative and make little turkey/cranberry/mayo sliders with leftover dinner rolls.

Having to Admit Christmas Really is Just Around the Corner
As if we aren’t sluggish enough after all the food, many of us feel the obligation to take time Thanksgiving weekend to get the holiday decorations up for the next onslaught of holiday fun.

Lots of People Talking Over Each Other
Usually this happens in the kitchen no matter how much space is available in better parts of the house. But whoever’s making food is in the kitchen, and it seems to attract the loudest and most excited relatives who yell at each other across the room (this could be because I come from Italian people).

It’s really the little things, the people and remembering what Thanksgiving means that makes me look forward to it every year.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Tell us what makes it truly Thanksgiving for you and your family in the comments below.

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