Sea Shells Beach Club Offers Game Room and Café

If you’re staying at Shells Beach Club, you can find some more fun in the newly enhanced Game Room and Café.

From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., guests are welcome to use the alternative location from their suite or the pool for some family friendly fun. Inside, guests will discover:

  • Vending Machine
  • Coffee Station
  • X- Box Video Game
  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Flats Screen TV with Cable
  • Local Attraction Coupons and Brochures


“We wanted to give more to our guests so we added the Café to the Game Room. Now they can enjoy refreshments, watch movies, surf the web, or play or watch their kids compete in the newest video games on the X-Box console,” says General Manger, Brooke Maynard. “I got the idea after visiting a local Starbucks®. We have a similar floor plan and the vibe of an internet café seemed to be the perfect fit.”

While you won’t find gourmet coffees or lattes in the Sea Shells Beach Club Game Room and Café, you will find a comfortable atmosphere.

“I hope the guests take advantage of the space and it adds to their vacation experience at Sea Shells,” adds Maynard.

You can visit Sea Shells Beach Club located on the world’s most famous beach, Daytona Beach. Make your reservations at or call (800) 487-9583 for rates and availability.

2 thoughts to “Sea Shells Beach Club Offers Game Room and Café”

  1. I was there in late September and my entire family loved the chicken caesar sandwich. It’s made on delicious focaccia bread, and it’s a nice break from the burger if you are eating at Beaches & Cream multiple times in one stay (which I always do when I’m staying at the Y & B Club…) I would definitely order and recommend the sandwich. It’s also huge, so it’s perfect to split and follow up with a sundae.

    1. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed it, Buffy! We could sure go for one right about now.

      -Sea Shells Beach Club

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