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Handle a Florida Beach Vacation with the Kids Like a Pro

We’ve already learned that a family vacation is a priceless experience for your kids, but you need to enjoy your vacation, too.

When you visit Sea Shells Beach Club, you are right on the beach, and a day at the beach with young children can be challenging.

Parents magazine has some tips and tricks for making your day at the beach a lot more pleasant.

“Planning a day trip to the beach with young kids is the equivalent of planning a two-week trip without kids…How many towels should you bring? How will you handle sand-encrusted lunches—or babies? How are you going to get all this stuff from your car onto the beach?” –Jennifer Lizza, Outsmarted Mommy

Try a Beach Duvet

Use an old duvet cover as your beach blanket. It’s big and heavy enough not to blow away, but not too bulky for carrying. If it’s a full size or larger, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Keep a Dust Broom in the Car

Be sure it’s one of those soft-bristled ones, but keep a dust broom in the car to brush sand off everyone, and your feet, before going inside a building or your car.

Pop Goes the Tent

Especially if you have very small children, invest in a small tent that folds flat and stores in a zip-up carrying case for beachside naps.

Bring along a Washable Soft Toy

Speaking of naps, it can be hard to get the kids down for one with all the stimulus of a beach before them. Bring along a soft blanket or favorite stuffed animal from home to help kids have a successful sleepy time. Just be sure it’s washable!

Arrive Early

Doing an early beach day means you still have time to cleanup and enjoy late afternoon/evening activities. It also keeps you out of the strongest sun and allows you more space on the beach since the morning hours are less crowded. A 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. timeframe is ideal.

boy on beach covered in sand
A few helpful tips and your time with your kids could actually be a “day at the beach.”

De-sand the Baby

Take your sandy (preferably dry) babies and apply a liberal sprinkling of baby powder. It helps the sand fall off much easier. This trick works on adults, too.

Finally, remember to just accept the insanity. A Daytona Beach adventure with the kids may not be relaxing, but it should be fun. We’re confident you’ll all remember your Sea Shells Beach Club vacation fondly for years to come.

COMMENT: What are your tips for managing kids at the beach?

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