Find Your Ultimate Ride in Orlando, Florida

Has it been awhile since you’ve experienced the ups, downs, up-side downs and super speeds of a thrilling theme park ride?

Get your appetite back with these “ultimate ride” moments from Universal OrlandoJust an hour from Sea Shells Beach Club, the city of Orlando has theme parks and rides to satisfy any type of coaster craving.

Sea Shells Beach Club
What goes up…must come down!

Up High

If you like to reach great heights, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is for you. This coaster launches you 185 feet into the air using more thrust than a 747 jet engine. You’ll plummet down Doctor Doom’s two towers that each stand 200 feet tall.

If you like to reach great heights with less “fear” and less “fall”, the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye might be more your speed. More than just a Ferris wheel, the Orlando eye is the ultimate 400-ft., 360-degree view in the comfort of climate-controlled, high-tech capsules.

Love to Fly

If speed is the name of your game, check out the coasters at Fun Spot America in Orlando. The Freedom Flyer whips you through tight turns and spins you with heavy G force.

Fun Spot is also home to Orlando’s only virtual reality coaster where you can have a virtual interactive adventure while flying through the air on the inverted coaster.

Sea Shells Beach Club
Get loopy with upside-down thrills.


If you don’t consider a ride complete without at least one upside-down loop, check out the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Islands of Adventure. Zip upside-down through a zero-gravity roll at 67 mph!

Old School Cool

If a good old-fashioned wooden roller coaster strikes your fancy, White Lightning at Fun Spot America is Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster. Exhilarate in gravity-driven speed and unexpected air-time in this throwback to the old coasters of Coney Island.

Add a faster, more modern twist to the wooden roller coaster experience with Disney World’s Expedition Everest. You’ll careen through the Himalayas on an expedition to find the Abominable Snowman himself.

Your ride awaits! Explore Orlando during your next trip to Sea Shells Beach Club and find out what rides thrill you the most.

COMMENT: What’s your favorite thrill ride?

Photos courtesy of Universal Orlando

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