Find More with the Volusia County Parks & Trails App

Go beyond the beaches on your next visit to Sea Shells Beach Club and discover charming historic towns, waters full of manatee, river views, parks and much more. How? With the Parks and Trails app for Volusia County, which will make it a lot easier to find adventure and nature during your Daytona visit.

Here are some things you can do with the app.

Category Index

There are two main ways to navigate the app. The first is by Category Index. Pick your site based on what you’re looking for from the four main groups of Do, See, Know, and Services.


Each index brings up a list of categories. Categories display a number entries. Click on a category, and an alphabetized list appears.


Going to the Map Icon at the bottom will switch the view to map mode so you can see where the attraction is and how to get there.


The second way to navigate the app is through Guidebooks.

These “books” are broken into chapters and sometimes sub-chapters. They are labeled for intuitive browsing by the user.


If you click on Parks, you would get the main menu for all parks.


You can use the handy Near Me button to locate the 25 closest parks (or trails) to your current location.


This well designed app puts everything no more than three clicks away and its intuitive design makes it well worth having on hand!

Download the app for Android or iPhone here.

For more detailed instructions on using the Volusia app, download the full instructional PDF.

Would you be likely to download the Volusia Parks & Trails App? Do you use any other useful apps when visiting Daytona Beach?

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