Eat Healthy and Delicious in Daytona

Whether you’re a strict vegan or just need a break from rich, heavy food, Daytona Beach is home to some really tasty vegan restaurant options.

The Sea Shells Beach Club staff have some favorites of their own, all 15 minutes or less from the resort!

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous – “vegan” and “vegetarian” are not synonymous with “tasteless”. Many of these dishes are so satisfying you’d never know they fall under these categories if no one told you (I know this from experience).

Nancy Russ, General Manager, Sea Shells Beach Club “There are lots of great restaurants in Daytona and Ormond Beach that cater to the growing number of vegan/vegetarian eaters. Here are a few local gems some of our staff have tried and recommend.”

Kale Cafe

With two locations in Daytona (7 minutes) and Ormond Beach (15 minutes), Kale Cafe is a juice bar and restaurant specializing in Caribbean vegan cuisine. Check out their awesome origin story and go visit next time you’re in Daytona.
Recommended by Sea Shells Beach Club staff: brown stew tofu, kale salad

Dancing Avocado Kitchen

We’ve highlighted these guys before because they’re just that good. Enjoy fresh, healthy food that hasn’t been over-processed (or “roughed up”, as they would say).

Enjoy your food outside at the outdoor cafe or in the funky, colorful indoor dining area. DAK is a favorite for breakfast, too, and just 5 minutes from the resort.
Recommended by Sea Shells Beach Club staff: tofu scramble

Oliv Epicurean Grill

Just 10 minutes away is Oliv, where you can build your own plate, Mediterranean style! You’ll find hummus, falafel and other Mediterranean favorites. You can build your own wraps, bowls and more using healthy vegetarian and vegan ingredients.
Recommended by Sea Shells Beach Club staff: tabouli, baba ganoush

Thanks to the staff of Sea Shells Beach Club for sharing their favorites. Enjoy what you eat and enjoy how you feel at these awesome restaurants!

COMMENT: What are some of your favorite vegan or vegetarian dishes you think even non-vegans/vegetarians would love?

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