A Daytona Beach Night to Remember

You have already enjoyed a wonderful day in Daytona Beach, but the night is still young! Fortunately, Sea Shells Beach Club is conveniently located near the best places to bring your night to life.

Whether you want to spend the night dining, dancing or dreaming about your next adventure over a glass of wine, Daytona Beach has you covered. Here are some great venues to spend your time after the sun has gone down.

The Bank & Blues Club

If you have you heart set on an old-fashioned nightclub with great music, then be sure to check out the Bank & Blues Club on Main. The fact that you are visiting a former bank that was built in the 1920s adds to the authentic atmosphere.

Chucherias Hondureñas

Since you have to eat dinner on vacation anyway, why not make it a big part of your special night in Daytona Beach? Chef and owner Mayra Rodriguez has always been very passionate about the traditional food of her native Honduras. She is now sharing her love for food with her patrons by blending her Honduran influences with Central American, Caribbean and Spanish cuisine. Favorites from Chucherias’ menu include the Cuban Sandwich, Spanish Style Octopus, Roast Pork, Sticky Toffee Dessert and Blackberry Mojito.

Light one up or drink one down – Daytona Cigar Club has everything you need for a fun evening. Photo courtesy of Daytona Cigar Club.

Daytona Cigar Club

While it’s definitely not your average hangout, the Daytona Cigar Club offers more than an extraordinary selection of cigars. You can also grab some Cuban coffee, beer or wine, and if you are in luck you can enjoy some jazz music as well. If you prefer to be out in the open when you smoke your cigar, the lounge does have outdoor seating.

Cinematique Theater

Daytona Beach’s historic downtown area is home to art-house cinema Cinematique. It’s a small venue where you can catch independent international, national and local flicks, but that’s not all. You can expect book readings, poetry, live music and improv comedy. In addition to that, there is a Ladies Night every week (Wine Down Wednesday), and several film festivals throughout the year. Mid-December Cinematique will host the Daytona Beach Dog Film Festival. There you can enter a raffle to support efforts to create a public park in honor of Daytona’s beloved Brownie.

Razzle’s Nightclub

When you want to dance the night away in Daytona Beach’s largest nightclub, you’ll find that Razzle’s is where it’s at. Current chart toppers, a variety of bars and an impressive light show will get you in the mood. If you have something to celebrate or just want to add that extra touch to your evening, try Razzle’s VIP lounge.

Enjoy Daytona from dawn through dusk during your next Sea Shells Beach Club stay!

Where do you like to hang out in Daytona Beach when the day is done? Tell us all about it!