6 Strategies for Avoiding Spring Break Crowds

Spring Break is the best…if you’re in college. But what about those of us who are looking forward to a nice, relaxing, grown-up vacation that we just happened to book during the month of March?

If you’re staying at Sea Shells Beach Club in Daytona Beach, a spring break hot spot, you will probably experience spring break shenanigans, but if you plan properly, a lot of it can be avoided, leaving you to your peaceful well-deserved vacation.

Spend Time in the City
Most spring breakers are fleeing the metropolises and heading to the beach, which means spring break is a great time to visit a city. Visit the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market or move inland to explore nearby cities like Deltona, where you can enjoy a great cigar at Cigar Hustler or check out the Lyonia Wildlife Preserve.

Wake Up Early
You’ve got at least two to four hours on the hungover masses if you’re willing to get up early to sight see in peace. Morning is also a good time to enjoy the popular party beaches before the crowds, kegs and DJs invade later in the day. Start with an early breakfast at Mike’s Galley, Peach Valley Café, or the Ultimate Omelet House, all of which open bright and early at 7 a.m.

Arm Yourself with Noise-Canceling Devices
It might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget this stuff (so that you can wake up early). Earplugs, white noise machines or noise-cancelling headphones all help muffle ssound. 

Plan Activities Spring Breakers Avoid
There are plenty of things you can do where you won’t find a partier for miles. Enjoy a round of golf at one of Daytona’s many top-rated courses, take in some history and culture at a museum, or take the kids to the Marine Science Center.

Find the Quieter Watering Holes
The party crowd will be busy hitting up nightclubs and bars offering kegs of beer and mixed drinks by the yard glass, so if you’re looking to sip a quiet drink or two, a much better option is to head to wine bars, intimate cocktail lounges, vineyards and bars attached to restaurants. Some nice Daytona offerings include Wine-Me Tapas Bar, Flagler Beachfront Winery (famous for its wine slushy), or the Ormond Wine Co. (which has more than 100 craft beers, too). 

Find the Locals
Cities like Daytona have a main tourist drag full of visitors and partiers, but there’s always a separate part of the city where the locals tend to congregate (and hide from the party people). Ask your Sea Shells Beach Club staff or manager where to find the “hidden” Daytona for a more authentic vibe.

Have you traveled during spring break? Did you escape the party crowds or join them? Share your tips with us.

Victoria Hoffman

A native of New Jersey, Victoria isn't entirely sure how she ended up in Kansas City, but has enjoyed writing, editing, creating, communicating and marketing for high-profile accounts throughout the city ever since. In her spare time, Victoria is an actor (and active) with local community and city theatre.