Discover Orlando Beyond the Parks

By Corey Thibodeaux

A day trip to Orlando is always a possibility when you’re staying at Sea Shells Beach Club.

Every time I think of Orlando, the thoughts come attached with mouse ears. As if the city is just one big collection of amusement park rides, costumed characters and souvenir shops.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, beneath Orlando’s flashy façade lies an active city entrenched in tremendous Florida scenery and countless ways to enjoy your visit. Here’s where to find the best spots.


A mosquito sitting on yellow wall indoor. Extreme close-up.

Zika on the Rise: Protect Yourself Against Mosquitos

“A hurricane hasn’t hit Florida on Gov. Rick Scott’s watch, but he finds himself trying to guide the state through a more insidious and invisible public health threat. Call it Hurricane Zika.” This excerpt from a recent article in the Tampa Bay Times is part of one of the many resurging stories about the Zika virus.

So far the virus has only been identified in a small section of Miami according to an article in the Washington Post, with no sign that it’s spreading elsewhere, so there’s no reason to worry about your Sea Shells Beach Club vacation, but steering clear of mosquito bites is a smart move no matter what.